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Sprout is a Green America Finalist!

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Sprout is a Finalist for Green America’s People & Planet Award! Our startup is among nine other finalists with a commitment to advancing organic agriculture. May 20th, 2016

Green America’s People & Planet Award recognizes socially and environmentally responsible businesses that protect their workers, communities, and the environment. Each season, Green America gives $5,000 to three businesses that they believe are fully committed to advancing organic agriculture, totaling to $60k in award money annually. The Sprout Team is so honored to be among these finalists, and we would love if the people who have stood with us since the early days (and of course, any new fans of our work!) would vote for us in this contest!

Sprout is a growing startup based in Arlington, Virginia, with a mission of making organic garden-based food more accessible to more people.  We help people grow their own produce in small spaces, such as raised beds, containers, and vertical options. The whole process is organic – building beds with untreated lumber, organic soil, natural pest-control remedies, etc. – for a 100% organic harvest, because we know that’s best for our health, the community, and the environment as a whole.

Winning this award will help us grow from a little DC startup into the national brand we aim to be. Our hope is that by winning, the award money will allow us to develop several new products that will aide in making an organic lifestyle more accessible to more people. Our goal is to become the first national consumer brand in the organic garden-to-kitchen space, and we hope you all will vote to help make that dream a reality for us! It takes 30 seconds to vote, and it would be so appreciated!

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